Creative Ideas to Honour the Dead

funeral service in Singapore is equipped to handle these special requests from clients. You can see how professional they are in making sure your requests are done just right. “>Funerals are not just an event for families of the involved departed. It is a way for everyone to cope with the loss and pay tribute to the life and memories shared with the departed loved one. While most of the funeral programs follow the basics of holding a funeral event, here are some creative ways you can do to make the event more memorable, engaging and lessen the feeling of pain and loss.

Share a story. Whether it’s sad or an embarrassing one, share those stories. It would be nice to hear a touching story about them.

Make a video tribute. Instead of giving a speech for a eulogy, make a movie instead. Gather all your unforgettable memories; stick them together and a music that reminds you of them. Surely as soon as this video ends, everyone would be grabbing some tissue to wipe their tears.

Print a picture of them on a shirt. Give them to family members and make them wear it. It’s one of those simple yet touching tributes for them.

Create an album of your most memorable memories with them. Relive those wonderful, fun and unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Share those memories with your family members and future generation so that their name would live on for a long time.

Keep a memento. Save something that belongs to them. It can be a kind of jewellery, a hairpin or even a small thing. Keep it safe and wear or bring on special occasions so that you’ll feel they are with you most of the time. Continue certain traditions that they shared with you. Do what the two of you used to do when they were still alive. Make it a tradition for yourself and pass them on in time so that it becomes a historical tradition for your family. Make them heroes. Like the medieval days, be a minstrel and write songs about them. Write books where they are the heroes of the story. Or simple poem would be fine.

Some funeral service in Singapore is equipped to handle these special requests from clients. You can see how professional they are in making sure your requests are done just right.

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