How Does Business Web Design Differ From Business

There are two basic elements to any website – the design elements and the development elements. Business web design is very different from web development. A web designer lays the groundwork for the business web developer. Business web development sees that groundwork changed from the conceptual stage to a practical, working application.

It can be simply explained by looking at a town planner and the plan he/ she has for the town. Ideally, the plan optimizes the placement of utilities and looks towards identifying possible problems such as high traffic volumes and noise. The planner than tries to come up with a plan that incorporates ways to minimize these problems.

Business web design is like the town plan in that the web designer understands how to optimally place different elements on a web page and how to direct traffic on that page. The designer also understands possible problems that may arise and will design so that these are avoided as far as possible.

Once the plan is complete, the town planner hands over the project to the various professionals who will go about building the roads, erecting buildings, etc.

Similarly, once the site has been designed, business development takes over and makes the site real. As with the town planner, there are various professional skills required in the building of websites.

Business website design is more focused on getting the look right and ensuring that end consumer will have a positive impression of the layout of the page. Web designers need to have an understanding of style elements, branding, some understanding of how people think and react and also have to have a creative flair. Business web development is more focused on the technical nitty gritty that builds the site. The web developer will provide the coding and custom programming that will enable the site to exist needs to know different programing languages, web protocols, API integration and front end scripting. Business web development may sound as though it is a less creative function than web design but business web developers do need a certain amount of creativity when it comes to writing coding that works around existing problems.

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