How to Start a Web Development Business

It’s true, the recent credit crunch has left a lot of people reeling from the lack of funds across the board. People have been laid off and businesses are struggling all over the place.

This has led to the start of more frugal and creative marketing methods for businesses and the well educated. One such way is getting online and using the Internet to engage with peers, prospects and customers in a very cost effective manner. But, not everyone is doing it well and not everyone knows how to get online in the first place. Simply put they need help, your help and fast!

You see most techies or geeks (no I am not trying to insult anyone here for I consider myself one) are not naturally the gifted type when it comes to selling and people skills – it’s a steep learning curve for us. Meaning that there are a lot of people worldwide that know how to design websites, run a very decent SEO campaign put you on Twitter and other social networks making your business money but… they need that face or marketing guy to connect with YOUR local businesses that are DESPERATE for these services just to keep afloat in today’s business environment.

Do you know any such businesses?
Maybe your favourite printer is about to go out of business?
Are you personally affected by this and need help?

Well if you answered yes to any of the above then you may just be what web designers are looking for to get personal referrals, sales and other local marketing done to get their proverbial foot in the prospect’s door. You may have heard of affiliate programs or associate programs where you refer business to developers and make money? This is how it works.

Depending on whether you just want extra money by word of mouth introductions or maybe you actually do want to get into this business full time here’s what you wil need to start:

An online presence (website or social profile) – some developers will give you one to join them
Business cards
Be a self starter that is good at spotting these web development opportunities and away you go.

A really good website can easily be in the thousands of dollars and I have seen and worked with designers that will give commissions of upto 30% or even just quote you a low price and allow you to mark it up to your end customers for whatever you can achieve. The potential here is huge. If you know people that want websites or social profiles made then this is for you.

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