How to Start a Web Development Business

So you have looked around your local yellow pages and gone to a few networking events with success, but who will actually do the web design work for you?

The thing here is that you must have a web designer or firm that will take this work from you as and when you get it. Sort of like your back office and you must have an idea of their capacity just so you can keep up with demand if you are to do this fulltime. You may choose to get this sorted out upfront so you know what prices to quote when you meet with prospects or you can just keep getting work then outsourcing to the many many web designers that are milling about online – at your own desired mark-up.

The first option is more secure and usually works with companies that just want to know that someone is interested and will mostly close the deal themselves and pay you any due commissions or finder’s fees. This usually works well with local companies that you can meet face to face and get all paperwork sorted out. And also to make sure proper tracking is done and there is no chance of circumvention. You could even be an account manager to them so that your prospect goes through you when they need anything done at all if the firm is flexible enough.

The second option would be mostly for those of you who may want to run a full-fledged web design agency where you run the whole business then delegate the work to someone else who will work under your business name.They may be freelancers or part timers you contract only as and when there is work to be done. This is just so you are not paying any overheads when there is actually no income coming in through the doors. Again a quick search on Google will show you a lot of job sites where you can outsource work to people that have been already well vetted and you only pay them upon successful completion of work required. And you get to use their portfolio as well when you start out. It is a win-win situation.

In summary, if you are looking to get some good money just using your local contacts and your local organizations or networking events, you could easily start a small business doing web development for your area.

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