Know How To Get Alternative Loan For Your Real Estate Company

In todays tough commercial financing environment it is not very simple to obtain a real estate loan. Getting an approval for bank loan is not only time consuming but also requires a personal guarantee or security collateral which a real estate businessman may not be able to provide. Rapid Capital Fundings business cash advance program not only provides you with an unsecured working capital of $250,000 but also makes sure that it reaches you within only 72 hours.

How Business Cash Advance Is Helping Your Business Flourish?

If your real estate company accepts credit cards as a form of payment from your clients then you are eligible for unsecured merchant cash advance of up to $250,000. This loan program only purchases a small percentage of your future credit card sales for upfront cash. Moreover this cash advance does not require any security collateral or any personal guarantee nor does it require a plan or any specific purpose for it to get approved.

You do not need to have a good credit score or prolonged business history is not a prerequisite to qualify for the loan. The liquid cash can also be used for other purposes like building inventory, expansion, renovations, payroll, equipment, general business cash flow, or anything as the need demands. Past statistics have remained a proof of how this loan alternative has met the credit needs of various businessmen who otherwise have been rejected by traditional bank loans.

The approval rate for this loan is much higher and it relieves you from enduring startup costs, closing fees and hidden charges. Apart from that, this loan program does not bother you with too much of paper work unlike conventional business loans. Usefulness of Rapid Capital Fundings merchant advance program lies in the fact that it gets approved in a period of only 24 hours. There is no need to worry if your business is going through a rough patch as the payback policy of this loan is designed in a way that contends with the ups and downs of your business.

Take A Quick Look at Features That Business Cash Advance Provides:

No collateral required
No personal guarantee required
No fixed payments schedule
Quick approval
Cash in 72 hours
95% Approval Rate
No Applications
Closing Fees

If you need immediate cash for your real estate business then you must opt for Rapid Capital Funding’s business cash advance program. This loan program not only meets your credit needs but also allows you to enables you to give a shape to your dreams. Stop floundering and discover the real magic.

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  214. Wow, Sunny, I'm not sure what to even say! Incredible! It will be interesting to see how much, if any, of her dance moves will go with her into high school 🙂 She's beautiful! Tiger is a year old!?! Also adorable!I am grateful for blogging so I don't feel SO disconnected from everyone 🙂 As always, thanks for sharing – and causing some great giggles in the Ferrin home!

  215. Thank you Doug, although like most Canadians I have many mixed feelings about our military. You are right about the 1812- 14 war and may I say thank you Laura Secord (and her chocolates)and Stan Rogers for keeping 1812 alive.Also thank you for NYC Pride Pics.Blessings, Janet SSI BC

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