Recruiting Younger Real Estate Sales Representatives

We probably dont need to share the fact that recruiting the right person for your real estate business can be quite tricky. Reading various surveys, Ive seen that almost 80% of real estate sales representatives leave the industry within their first 2 years of achieving their license. Knowing this, is it any wonder that you need to find the secrets for recruiting the best people you possibly can?

Here are some general tips to help you find the best real estate sales representatives.

Review and update your online presence to appeal to younger real estate sales representatives.
The reality is millennials are very social media savvy, both in their personal and work lives. If youre not effectively using the internet for your agency, you could be missing out on some great interaction with this generation. The younger sales representatives have a unique opportunity to connect with first-time homebuyers and the younger investors.

Be a workplace where employees are truly valued.
Just as it is with any job, no one wants to work in a place that makes them miserable and doesnt appreciate their efforts. With the additional long hours, weekend and after hours work thats expected of real estate sales representatives, being appreciated and recognised is even more important. In a recent survey, approximately 23% of people said that workplace culture was the biggest factor influencing their job satisfaction.

Get into some face-to-face networking.
While the internet is great for getting the word out there, actually meeting up with people in person provides you with an entirely different experience, both for the recruiter and applicants. Make a concerted effort to attend local networking events, sales group events, seminars and the like. Even if you are not looking for someone right now, you never know who you might connect with that can be a useful contact in the future.

Meeting prospective agents in a work environment can give you a true insight into whether the person has the right skills and knowledge needed.

By directing your efforts towards younger real estate sales representatives, creating a positive work environment, and networking, you will be well on your way to finding quality real estate sales representatives for your agency.

If youre struggling with how to attract the right employee, then our HR experts are happy to assist.

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  244. Steven DJust tweeted your post, Field. Looks to me they'll find a way for this guy to skate under the stand your ground law, or as I like to call it Florida's open hunting season on brown people law. I do not think I will visit FL ever again. My daughter has a black teen gay friend and I tell him that bad as it is he's lucky to live in NY. At least here people can't shoot him by the side of the road and claim self defense.

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  247. At least that cab driver was able to speak his mind about the "security lady." I'm not sure that would have been so possible in the days of Mao.I put the "Ha ha ha" because I was laughing at the picture I had in my mind, of the Chinese speaking cab driver ranting about the wrong directions.

  248. Guglielmo, le bottiglie di plastica vanno lasciate con il loro tappo avvitato e il foro lungo il bordo della bottiglia deve essere delle dimensioni della punta di una penna bic, quindi impossibile si riempiano di acqua …… poi con il clima secco e ventoso odierno il rischio è pari a zero

  249. I’m not sure if the woman is in Richmond took the guy seriously, The Russian’s story was far over the top she probably thought he was joking- and played along. For a major player in the Russian (or Italian) Mafia to say that much about the family business publicly and especially to a government employee isn’t going to happen..In NYC the story was more believable, and I’m fairly sure it happens every day. There was enough there to trigger warning bells, so the advice the employee gave was likely to lead to fraud, and the employee knew it.

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  251. Rewatchability factor for Beasts of the Southern Wild? are you kidding me? the film is one of the best of the year! heartbreaking perf from the young girl, along w/ the non-professional who plays her emotionally abusive father. I found the ending gut-wrenching, and the sequence in which Hushpuppy and her friends venture off w/ the sailor to the “Catfish inn” and the prostitutes is mesmerizing. pure poetry as, what do you look for as “rewatchability”? if you are entertained or not? is it entertainment that decides whether a film is “rewatchable”?

  252. Brick – I live in Central Texas. Not very hilly and ridiculously hot and humid in the summer. I've visited Colorado often and wished I lived there, but I'll make do with Texas winters, which are relatively mild.I'm doing the Rocky Raccoon in Huntsville, TX in Feb. Can't wait!

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